Why do I care if it’s hand-knotted or machine-made?

Hand-knotted rugs are the best quality of all the different types of woven rugs. Every fiber is knotted into place by hand using no glue or adhesives. This method of weaving makes for the most durable and beautiful type of rug available. Only 4% of all rugs out there are hand-knotted rugs, and even fewer are from the actual region that sellers claim them to be from – all the others may be a Nain or Isfahan design, but are made, in say, India, Turkey, or China. Yep, that’s right: there are a lot of rug shops out there that know that you won’t know the difference and will fall for that great sale. Please read on here, and on our page called “About the Treasure” to learn more.

Most hand-knotted rugs are made to last a lifetime and are usually kept ‘in the family’ for generations. Because of their durability and increasing scarcity, knotted rugs are considered a safe investment for the long term. The most durable of hand-knotted rugs are wool, but other materials used are silk, rayon, and cotton used to highlight the pattern and vibrancy of the pile. Generally, the better the artist making the rug, the longer the beauty of the rug will last.