Complete Set of 9 Spice Blends

Complete Set of 9 Spice Blends

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Khazana USA, LLC provides authentic spices that directly support our cookbook, “Cuisine of the Silk Road: The Authoritative Guide to Afghan and Pakistani Cooking” (see listing on this site).

While you can purchase the individual ingredients separately, you never know where they came from, what’s in them, or how long ago they were packaged. Some of the recipes would cost you a small fortune to create from the long list of spice ingredients needed.

Each bag holds 2 ounces of the named spice blend, freshly ground and lovingly packaged. These spices are even great on popcorn! 🙂

And with every purchase, you support a 100% woman-owned small business AND donate to women’s empowerment in war-torn regions!

There are nine total spices in our current product line, each supporting recipes in the cookbook:

• Chapli Kebab
• Biryani
• Chaar
• Chaat
• Qorma
• Garam Masala
• Mulligatawny/Milagu Tannir
• Pulao
• Tandoori

We provide these spices in convenient, resealable packaging in 2 oz sizes (4 oz coming soon!).

**No additives, fillers, or preservatives EVER**

Empower Women, Change the World

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3 reviews for Complete Set of 9 Spice Blends
  • (verified owner)

    5 out of 5

    Kay and I made Biryani Masala last night and it was delicious! Offering the spice mix is a brilliant idea…it turns what would surely be a massive project into a fun experiment that has added Biryani Masala to my repertoire of dishes for regular meals. As an experiment, we started out cautious, using only a quarter of the packet of Biryani spices. For us Midwestern gringos, it tasted very adequately seasoned, but the next time…I will probably kick it up to half a packet the next time we make it.

  • (verified owner)

    5 out of 5

    I had to tell Christine multiple times how much difference the fresh spices made because they really do! The fresh spices – especially for “natives”, make all the difference in the world to the taste of a dish! I’ve been eating biryani all my life. For someone who’s had a ton of biryani over their lives can tell from ONE BITE whether it’s a good biryani or not…and this was the best I’ve ever had. (Now THAT’s a compliment!)

  • (verified owner)

    5 out of 5

    I’m the owner of a local food truck in Virginia, and recently changed over to using Khazana USA, LLC’s spice mix for my biryani, which I make for my customers for events and at farmer’s markets. Last weekend, as a test, we swapped our old spice choice (boxed spices from the store) for the biryani mix, and our customers have decided! They absolutely LOVED it! We’ll continue using Christine’s spices for the dishes that we share. Thanks for creating such a fragrant spice mix!

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