7×10 Antique Qashgai Rug

7×10 Antique Qashgai Rug

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Id : 382
Name : Qashgai
Size : 7 x 10
Country of region : Iran/Southern Afghanistan
Weavers/Tribe : Qashgai
Material : 100% wool
Dyes : Vegetable
Knot : 400
Age : 50-55
Price : $4,000

The Qashgai tribe is a nomadic tribe that roams from Southern Iran through Afghanistan, herding their sheep and goats and migrating across thousands of miles of harsh terrain all year. While they may seem “less skilled” than other Persian weavers, they stay true to their traditional tribal patterns and thick piled rugs, which keep the cold out and the warmth in their tents. Their rugs are both beautiful and warm, and reflect the nomadic lifestyle they lead. They are a strong and proud people, and have fought hard to continue their nomadic, pastoral lifestyle to this day. The Qashqai women wear bright floral colors with long flowing skirts and decorative scarves.

Qashgai antique rugs are prized by collectors for the silky quality of the wool, the fineness of the weave and the jewel-toned colors.

Dimensions 10 × 7 in