7×10 Red Heriz

7×10 Red Heriz

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Id : 380
Name : Heriz
Size : 7 x 10
Pattern : Heriz
Country of region : Turkey
Weavers/Tribe : Heriz
Material : Wool and cotton
Dyes : Vegetable
Knot : 550
Age : 50-55

This has to be one of the softest rugs I’ve felt, even though it has no silk in it at all!

Sheep and goat herders known as the Shahsavan migrated across the Heriz area, in the foothills surrounding Mount Sabalan (an active volcano) moving closer to the volcano during winter and further away during the summer, which helps the weavers create rugs that are known for their thick, lush, durable pile. This is a rug full of lush colors that have traces of copper and other minerals from the region, which gives the pile of the wool a lovely sheen in the sunlight.

Dimensions 10 × 7 in