5×8 Kashan

5×8 Kashan

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Id : 391
Name : Kashan
Size : 5 x 8
Pattern : Kashan
Country of region : Iran
Weavers/Tribe : Kashan
Material : Wool and cotton
Dyes : Combination
Knot : 600
Age : 45-50 years

History behind the Kashan Rug 

The Kashan rugs surfaced from one of the oldest cities, Kashan, Iran. The origin of the Kashan dates back to the 17th century though some experts believe that some of the Kashan’s designs draw back to the 16th century.

Sales of the Kashan across domestic and international markets began around the 19th century. As sales rose, Kashan rugs fell into the spotlight, becoming a regularly utilized piece across households and collections worldwide. They continue to sell extremely well and be considered as one of the finest Persian carpets.

Weaving techniques

The warp and weft of these rugs are made of cotton. They are woven to have 120 knots per square inch to a maximum of around 840 knots per square inch. The weaving technique is traditional Persian asymmetrical knots—the more knots, the higher the quality.

All of the Kashans we carry contain only natural dyes and are hand-knotted and found their way to us in Pakistan after traveling across thousands of miles.

Dimensions 5 × 8 in