2×3 Ahal Gul Turkmen rug

2×3 Ahal Gul Turkmen rug

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Id : 399
Name : Ahal Gul
Size : 2 x 3
Pattern : Ahal Gul
Country of region : Turkmenistan/Northern Afghanistan
Weavers/Tribe : Turkman
Material : 100% wool
Dyes : Vegetable
Knot : 600
Age : 65-70
Price : $450

Turkmen rugs are prized for their rich reds, browns and blues from natural dyes and their geometric shapes and floral designs. The Turkmen rugs are usually made of 100% sheep’s wool from their own flocks, but sometimes can be found made of camel hair as well. Each Turkmen tribe has owns its own unique motifs.

This is a small but powerful antique rug with it’s strikingly rich brown/red colors, an in excellent shape! The woman who wove this rug was a wonderful weaver, shown in the tight weave and excellent crafts(wo)manship.