10×14 Iranian Turkman Sarrah

10×14 Iranian Turkman Sarrah

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Id : 396
Name : Iranian Turkman Sarrah
Size : 10 x 14
Pattern : Turkman Sarrah
Country of region : Iran
Weavers/Tribe : Turkman Sarrah
Material : 100% wool
Dyes : Combination
Knot : 550-600
Age : 40-45

This has always been one of my favorite rugs that I found while in Pakistan. I’ve found throughout my time viewing these art pieces that the women of each tribe have incredible senses of humor, views, and weaving techniques. This rug shows all of these characteristics as well as the skill of the weaver and lots of fun little animals (from her perspective of course). This rug also has an exceptionally close cut, soft pile, lush colors, and will be a fantastic conversation piece for some lucky person’s home for years to come.

Dimensions 10 × 14 in