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This cookbook has been in development for about 9 months now, although many of these recipes took me SEVEN YEARS to learn/perfect. The Test Kitchen group tested every one of these to ensure they were understandable to people who’ve never made the recipes before, and YUMMY! The book also has an abundance of info on the region – and the lovely, hard-working women of the region and their challenges.

Pre-order your SPECIAL EDITION, Hard Cover, signed cookbook here:…/cuisine-of-the-silk-road-the…/

Once the cookbook is released, you’ll only be able to get these from me (no global distribution available – but you’ll be able to order paperback versions at all major distributors), and the price will go up 33% due to publishing costs – so take advantage now!

And don’t forget that every purchase funds women’s empowerment initiatives in war torn regions.

Empower Women, Change the World.