I fell in love with the art of mendhi (henna drawing) while in Pakistan, and first began “doodling” to keep my hands busy during meetings. As time went on, people started asking about where they could buy the doodles so they could color them, and thus began my journey towards publishing. Currently, there are three Meditative Mendhi coloring books, all self-published; there will be a fourth, “coming soon”.

I also draw mendhi designs on battery-operated candles and then seal them with polyurethane so that the artwork isn’t damaged as a (real) candle burns. Each candle is a unique piece of art; no two candles are exactly the same.

In 2019, I took it to the next level and studied with a mendhi master. I’ll soon be “auctioning off” original drawings from the past year to empower even more women…coming soon!

Each item purchased from this collection provides at least $3 to women’s empowerment and/or feeding children in war-torn countries.