I can’t believe it – the cookbook is published!
Book Cover

The journey to a final, published cookbook that we can all touch, feel, read, and cook from has finally come to it’s end, and the book is out! I’ve spent the better part of 7 years learning these recipes, perfecting them to what I tasted those months while in Pakistan. I had never planned to write a cookbook when I started learning these recipes; I was simply learning them for myself and my husband. And then things changed last year. Someone asked me one day how to cook what I had posted on my Facebook page…and another, and another. People wanted the recipes! And thus the idea of the cookbook began.

I had two goals when writing this book: 1. I wanted to create the recipes to be as true to taste as possible, and also readily accessible to the average American chef with the ingredients that they could generally find in their own grocery store, wherever they are. 2. I wanted to focus on both the food and the women of both countries and their lives making this food.

Most of Afghanistan and Pakistan is a mystery to the average American, as is the food. When someone considers the food of the region near India, there’s an assumption that all of the food around it must be the same, and also very spicy, and any American who doesn’t eat spicy food instantly turns away.

I have written the book with substitutions, suggestions on spiciness levels, adjustments/substitutions for kosher, gluten free, nut allergens, dairy-free, and many more.

Please remember than every purchase of every item from us provides funding for women’s empowerment issues and emergency impact programs within war torn regions.

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