Have you seen these beautiful handmade ROSEWOOD spoon sets???

I know everyone’s been waiting for the cooking-related items to be put up on the website, and with the cookbook published, the dam is about to be released on these very special items!

The spoon sets are the first of a series of products that directly support the cookbook, including nine spice mixes that directly support the recipes in the cookbook, two different styles spice boxes that are made in the style to represent authentic spice boxes from the region (and handmade in the region!), and finally – a series of cooking Masterclasses and Seminars!

There also will be a SECOND BOOK (eventually) focusing on intermediate and advanced dishes!

There are VERY limited quantities pf the spoon sets available, so grab yours now! These GORGEOUS handmade spoon sets would be an incredible addition to any kitchen! I have a set hanging in mine. I personally feel they’re too beautiful to use for cooking, but they’re food grade so you can choose, either way.

Here’s the link to get yours now: Hanging Wooden Utensils Set – Khazana (khazana-us.com).

I’m working hard behind the scenes to get the other products up on the website and out to your homes; I hope you’ll be patient as I ramp up the new products and business line…I know everyone’s been waiting for these for a while, but health comes first sometimes, and it’s taken longer than expected to get them released. Ah! Sole-proprietorship! 🙂

In the meantime, please do consider supporting Women’s Empowerment initiatives in war-torn regions by purchasing any of the other handmade, authentic products already listed on the website. And don’t forget – orders over $100 receive FREE SHIPPING!

Remember, a portion of every sale goes to these critical initiatives that improve the lives of women and families.

Thank you for your support! And as always, I’d love to hear from you: khazanausa@gmail.com, and don’t forget to review your purchases!

In peace and kindness,

Christine, President, Khazana, Khazana USA, LLC