Announcing Khazana USA, LLC and Afghanaid’s New Partnership!

Two days before Afghanistan collapsed, I spoke with a representative at Afghanaid, a wonderful and effective U.K.-based organization that has amazing efforts on the ground in Afghanistan, about beginning our partnership to build opportunities for women and girls. We wholeheartedly agreed that we wanted to find projects that are meaningful and fulfilling, and that this is a perfect match for Khazana USA, LLC. This is so exciting! I’ve found the partner organization that I’ve been looking for all year!

My heart was full of joy to have found such a wonderful partner organization! I was busy working in the commercial kitchen with our new interns, getting the spice line up and running on the website, and singing because I was so happy about this! And then…

The world turned upside down.

I’m devastated by the news coming from Afghanistan this past 2-3 weeks. 20 years of so many Americans and international partners have collapsed with the withdrawal of the international forces. I think most of us who have been involved in the region thought that the years that everyone put into training the Afghan military and, well, the government to ummm…GOVERN, would’ve lasted more than a week. But here we are.

The entire government showed their commitment to their country with their feet. The military dropped their weapons and showed their commitment to their country with their feet. Everyone just walked away. Heart-wrenching. A gut punch to everyone who’s been involved.

The New York Times reports that the Taliban has taken over Kabul – the last major city to fall.

And the place is in chaos right now. With the Taliban back in power, I’m sure every woman who’s been educated, who’s started a business, who’s gained freedoms in their lives over the 20 years that international forces have been there, protecting women’s rights, is terrified. My mentor Chris Kolenda spoke on CNN the other day about his perspective on the situation, as the only person who’s both served in country as military and a high-level official involved in the peace talks. We can only wait and see. I think everyone in the world shares my fears for the Afghan women and girls, especially as we move into these uncertain times.

Refugees are on the move again, towards Pakistan, Iran, anywhere that will take them. Pakistan in particular still has over 10 million Afghan refugees that never went home over 20 years ago, and now will have millions more to care for. I’m positive that very same village, Mardan, that we helped over this past year will soon be filled with starving refugees that need our help.

One of the biggest concerns that I’ve heard a lot since the Taliban took over is, “Who do I donate to? There are all of these agencies asking for money and who knows if it’ll actually ever reach the people who need it most? How do I trust any of them?” Afghanaid has been working in Afghanistan since 1983. I have carefully researched and selected them as a partner based on factual data (audits and proven results), recommendations from senior advisors at the United States Institute for Peace (USIP) who are deeply involved in the state of things in Afghanistan, and knowing that most of their employees are women who are on the ground in Afghanistan. This is exactly the type of partner I’ve been looking for for over 2 years. If you’d like to check out their financial statements and read about what the auditors say, it’s here: Finances | Afghanaid. While we cannot know exactly what’s going to happen on the ground, I have done my best to find the right partner…and we have a call next week, so I’ll have true data from on the ground, from women who live and work there.

Our partnership has begun, and we need you! We’ve set up a fundraising page for you to donate to Afghanaid directly, 100% of the funds go towards critical relief efforts. You can donate to Afghanaid through Khazana’s partnership page here: Khazana supports Afghanaid.

I hope you’ll consider donating. Or purchasing something from the website (a portion of your purchase goes to Afghanaid to fund women’s empowerment initiatives)! You can take a look at all their great work on their website, and see why we’ve chosen their organization. I think you’ll agree that it’s a terrific opportunity and fit.

In love and kindness,

President, Khazana, Khazana USA, LLC
Empower Women, Change the World