We connect socially-conscious Americans with 100% authentic art and their stories so that we empower women in war-torn countries. We only provide quality, authentic treasures and experiences that have been vetted and selected based on our customers’ interests (products and services), individually selected with the commitment to you that you’re supporting amazing women’s opportunities and empowerment not just once, but through multiple avenues, learning the stories about the women and the conflict countries where they live, while also getting a great investment for your family. Empower Women, Change the World. 

Our Values:

  1. I/we will be open, honest, and sincere, and I/we expect the same from anyone who works with me/us. We value long-term relationships over one-off sales, and we should ensure that our business activities reflect that belief. I/we ensure that the people we work with/for are treated with dignity and respect. No one is less than or above another.
  2. We are dedicated to empowering women, and lifting families in war torn countries out of poverty through women’s empowerment initiatives. We attempt to find wherever possible the best match of companies to work with to ensure that we get the maximum amount of funding towards this initiative. We value connectedness. We are all in this together and no one can succeed alone.
  3. I/we will speak up against injustice, even when it may be unpopular or hard. I/we will not be silent. I/we do not stand by idly while others in need are suffering, and/or we see a way to help, especially when we have the skills and means to do so.

Christine Smith, President

9/11 changed my life in so many ways. I was in NYC working 3 full time jobs and doing charity work on the side, and suddenly, I lost 49 of my friends, neighbors, and co-workers. I watched my innocence burn away in the rubble and ashes of the World Trade Center and all who died there.

In the months afterwards, I made a commitment to the people I lost, and to myself, to be a force for positive change in whatever way I could. I packed up all my possessions and walked away from my life as an actress and consultant on Wall Street, moved back to the Midwest, worked hard to get my MBA, and eventually began my work for the government to implement systemic change here at home.

Due to advancements in technology, we cannot ignore that we live in a global community and issues across the globe impact us here at home. Therefore, I committed to being a part of the solution at the local, federal and global levels. This is my passion, my drive, and my commitment.

It is a proven fact that bringing communities out of poverty requires helping people help themselves, creating opportunities to earn income where none previously existed. That’s why micro loans have been so successful; that’s why Dr. Yunus won a Nobel Peace Prize for his work in Bangladesh. I committed most of my free time to micro loan companies and Bankers Without Borders to address systemic poverty in developing nations. I have continued my volunteer work for the last 17 years. And then I went to Pakistan for almost a year, and the concept for Khazana was finalized.

Khazana focuses on a concept founded in the tenets of the multiplier of micro loans, building communities by providing economic opportunities to individuals (or small communities) rather than dumping cash into institutions and hoping the funds trickle down to those in need. Khazana opens up a global marketplace to local communities while at the same time offering the U.S. treasures that are currently unavailable to the every day consumer. And the central pillar to Khazana’s model is:

Empower Women, Change the World.

We, as a global community, cannot ignore 51% of the global community (women). Almost every study completed on women and women’s empowerment show that when you empower women, the entire community thrives.

Dear to my heart is the fact that the vast majority of these treasures are made by women – a fragile and under-represented community in the workforce in each and every one of the countries where Khazana does business. Khazana helps women provide for their families and better their position in society. One hundred percent of all purchases in-country provide funds to female artists and their families at the initial purchase.

And, for every program and service we offer to the U.S. community, 30% of our profits go back into the local community – to pre-identified successful non-profits who provide job training and business skills to women – a proven force multiplier. In the few cases where the treasure was created by a man? Did you know that each piece of brass work provides a job for *five* people and that means your purchase supports five extended families?

I can’t solve all the world’s problems, but I am a force for positive change. Would you like to join me? Please consider funding Khazana by purchasing treasures, signing up for one of our programs, purchase gift certificates for your loved ones, or by hosting an exhibit/show.

Let’s change the world together!

Liana Rodriguez, Operations Consultant

Prior to COVID (which has severely affected the hospitality industry), Liana was working as an Executive Assistant at a hotel in downtown Washington DC. Well, when one door closes, another one opens! Soon after the hotel literally closed its doors due to low occupancy, Liana met Christine, and ended up coming on board as our part-time Operations Consultant. She is grateful and excited for this unique opportunity to work with Khazana.

Liana loves photography, traveling (she has visited 22 countries!), hiking, listening to audiobooks & podcasts and has recently discovered her passion for gardening. (This year she grew watermelon, potatoes, corn, tomatoes, pumpkins, sunflowers, and more!)